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Referral Directory

The following business are located in the Santa Cruz County area and have been highly recommended by our clients. (Although we have used many of these service, we are not responsible for their products or services.)

Real Estate
At Home in Santa Cruz -- local real estate website

Plumbing and Heating
Greg Bellows Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Jason Schlunt (831) 477-7150

Insurance Agent
Farmers Insurance Group, Matt Stelck (831) 684-1751

Mortgage Company
Meyer Mortgage, Patty Meyer (831) 462-2425

Lifestyles Real Estate, Inc., Michael Bloch, (831) 420-2100, ext. 109

Art Glass/Jewelry
Angry Dragon Glass, Ken Slobodian, (831) 325-8494

Flooring and Window Coverings
Interior Vision, Deborah Cypert, (831) 476-8780

Graphic Design
Project Foo, Rebecca Swift, (831) 325-7863
Daniel Sweet / Daniel Sweet Design  (831) 429-8902

Cleaning Service
Mario's Cleaning  (831) 465-9885

Carpet Cleaning
Mike O'Neal / Charles Waite Carpet Cleaning (831) 476-1280

Painting Contractor
Tim Woods /Woods Painting  (831) 462-3328

Property Manager
Portola Property Management / Kathleen Richards (831) 475-1355

Valerie Roach / Walsh & Roach, LLP  (831) 728-3500